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In the ancient time, people did not know the existence of fire. People had to stick together, cold and frightened. FuXi, frst mythical emperor of China, sympathetic towards people who were suffering, wanted to introduce fire to them. Generated a thunderstorm during which a tree struck by lightning began to burn. A young man approached the tree and so the wonderful use of fire was discovered. Every day, people worked in turns to feed the fire and prevent it extinguished, but one day the person who guarded the fire fell asleep and the fire went out. Despair and fear came back among the people.

Seeing all this in heaven, FuXi went into the dream of the young man who discovered the use of fire and told him, "In the far west, there was a country called Sui Ming where you could find fire and bring it back." When the young man awakened, he recalled the words of the god in his dream and determined to find fire in the country of Sui Ming.

Afer crossing the mountains and forests, the young man finally arrived to Sui Ming and with great disappointment discovered that the country was wrapped in darkness. Exhausted and dejected, he lay under the tree Sui Wood and, as he rested, he saw suddenly in front of him the flashes illuminating the surrounding area. He discovered that every time a bird hit the tree bark with the beak, sparks would appear on the dark. He quickly recovered the branches and drilling among them was able to light the fire. Afer the young man returned home, he brought with him "the fire that would never go out" and people addressed him "Sui" which meant the person who brought the fire.

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