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Smart Unit
  • Centralized controller
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    Centralized controller

    LC151 intelligent centralized controller is the most important part of intelligent lighting management system. It mainly realizes data acquisition, status acquisition, remote and local control of loop controller, lighting controller and other terminal equipment. As the core part of the system, the intelligent centralized controller receives the commands issued by the master station directly, stores and sends them to various terminal devices, receives the information reported or returned by various terminal devices, and filters out the information needed by the master station to report to the master station. Main functions: communication function, automatic control function, local manual control function, data and status acquisition function, electrical parameter acquisition function, fault acquisition and reporting function, real-time clock, time automatic correction, box door monitoring function, with loop power supply control function, remote maintenance function, optical control function....Read More
  • Intelligent lighting control system cloud platform
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    Intelligent lighting control system cloud platform

    Intelligent lighting control system is mainly used in power administration, property, factory for scientific management of electricity consumption, with regional management, centralized controller man...Read More
  • Single lamp controller
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    Single lamp controller

    LC-6L12 is our latest research and development products, under the premise of the former LC-6P11/LC-6B11 independent research and development of new functions, new performance technology products. This new technology will break the technical blockade and transmission limits, customer service market has been unable to solve the limitations of this LoRa communication technology principle, based on the original embedded system with a combination of digital code spread spectrum and long-range digital signal processing, it is important to be able to control coding. Capable of automatic correction and coordination performance. This will greatly improve the performance of our single lamp controller, high stability, strong performance, basic troubleshooting non-hardware problems, automatic intelligent correction system, in the tunnel and various lighting control, will be a historic breakthrough, eliminating the single lamp controller failure and a large area of overhaul defects. In addition, for the transmission distance of the defect of this product is fully resolved, not only can achieve long-distance transmission, but also can save power supply, lamp life longer concept. It is also a breakthrough in energy conservation and environmental protection. The intelligent controller will play a more prominent role in the field of control and energy saving....Read More
  • New intelligent lightning arrester
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    New intelligent lightning arrester

    SM-SPD1703 series is a series of surge protectors specially designed by our company for the intelligent Internet of Things (IOT) of road and street lighting. The product is independently developed and is the only one specially designed for the Internet of Things in the industry. It has technical patent protection. It can be used in many products of our company to protect the power supply system from lightning damage....Read More
  • AC Contactor
  • Wiring connector
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    Wiring connector

    The double-head waterproof connector independently developed by the company comprises a connector body, a wiring clip, a silica gel ring, a clamping piece and a nut. The silica gel ring is respectively installed at the left and right ends of the connector body and is installed in the inner cavity of the clamping piece. The outer wall of the clamping piece contacts closely with the inner cavity of the nut to clamp the silica gel ring. The wiring clip is installed in the inner cavity of the connector body. Through the above way, the wiring clamp is installed in the inner cavity of the main body of the connector to protect the safety of the cable, the clamping is reliable, the cable is not easy to fall off, and a waterproof head is arranged at the same time, which achieves the waterproof effect....Read More
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