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Outdoor Project Lighting

apex英雄外挂凉了:LED wall washer

Wall washer
Applicable place / product features
■LED wall washer, suitable for outdoor buildings, bridges,
floodlight projection lighting of ancient buildings; sealing
ring adopts imported anti-aging silicone rubber Raw material,
convection heat dissipation design, waterproof structure,
dimming RGB, suitable for ambient temperature -35°C-+55°C,
lamp life≥35,000 hours.
■ Lamp body 6063 stretched aluminum, plug die-cast aluminum,
4mm tempered glass, stainless steel screws.
Surface treatment:
■Mechanical and chemical anti-corrosion treatment, anti-UV
polyester powder, outdoor grade spraying, anti-salt spray level 3.
■ Beam angle, surface spray color, and outlet length.
Electric appliance
■ Built-in constant current drive with over temperature overload protection.
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